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* HCG Drops is not a prescription & does not require a doctor.

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HCG Diet Universe wants to help you prevent and recover from obesity. We’re confident in your ability to succeed with our Complete HCG Diet Program. Have a look at our HCG Diet Drops Reviews to see what they have to say about the results our product yeilds; and what the media has discovered about HCG Weight Loss, its process, and success.

You have probably tried several other weight loss programs. When they have failed, it is probably because the plan addressed only one aspect of your weight management issue and did not address the fact that your body itself might be working against your efforts.

Dr ATW Simeon's and Kevin Trudeau both address all components of your holistic, natural weight loss objectives.
• Once ordered, you will receive a comprehensive packet of information about how to reach HCG Diet Program success.
• We specialize in Homeopathic HCG Drops Treatment.
• Taking HCG Drops will potentially fix your body's slowed metabolism.
• Tremendous weight loss is a side-benefit of following the low calorie diet in conjunction with all natural HCG drops.
• Disciplined dieters are reporting weight loss results of up to 45 lbs. of abnormal fats per 6 week cycle.

Our Complete HCG Diet Program will help you through multiple steps to successful weight loss and maintenance following the HCG drops diet:

Complete HCG Diet Program

* 90 Day Phase 1 & 2 HCG Diet
* ($695 Value) Save $440
* 90 Day Program - 65lb Potential
* $254.95 + $19.96 S&H



• HCG Drops – we will help you follow low calorie diet and open your abnormal fat stores to burn first while dieting
• Corti Therm Fat Burner – additionally reduce hunger and boost energy to easily follow the low calorie diet
• Digestive Enzymes – enhance digestion of low calorie diet for maximum nutrient absorption
• Coral Calcium – increase nutrient absorption of digested foods into the blood stream to reduce hunger
• Chromium Picolinate – reduce carbohydrate cravings and help shed unwanted body fat
• Vitamin E-400 – powerful antioxidant that thins the blood and neutralizes free radical disease causing agents
• Potassium – prevents fatigue from dehydration by synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins
• Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse – cleanses weight loss blocking toxins from liver and increase liver enzymes
• Candida Complex Yeast Cleanse – cleanses bad yeast bacteria from the intestines to reduce hunger pains
• Probiotics – cleanses the intestinal tract to increase absorption in the digestive system for maximum nutrients
• Maintenance Colon Cleanse – cleanses weight loss blocking toxins from colon and helps maintain regularity
• Chocolate & Vanilla Whey Protein Samples – stevia based protein packed meal replacement shakes
• Unlimited Portal Access – Complete Easy to Follow HCG Diet Instructions and How To Video Series

It is estimated today that by 2015, 75 percent of the population will be obese. At least one study predicted that 90 percent of men and 70 percent of women will eventually become overweight.

We supply 3 versions of the HCG diet protocol;  the original Dr. ATW Simeon’s Pounds and Inches Manuscript written in the late 50’s, the 2007 mainstream infomercial backed Kevin Trudeau book, Weight Loss Cures, and our latest version of the HCG Diet Drops Program Booklet available for download immediately after check out.   

Once you’ve reviewed our information of what our HCG Diet Programs can do for you, simply place an order today to start the journey to a slimmer, healthier you.

See Dr. ATW Simeon's Original 1959 Protocol                See Kevin Trudeau's Weight Loss Cures  


  • We have a very effective scientific HCG formulation!
  • Strongest over the counter formulation! 12x 30x 60x
  • Drops contains B-12, Amino Acids, Ginseng, & Yerba Mate!
  • HCG dieters are reporting weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs per day!
  • No hunger on the HCG diet!  HCG is Safe for women and men!
  • This is the same HCG diet that doctors charge $900 for!
  • No doctor office visit required!  No Prescription Required!
  • No injections required. Simple HCG drops under tongue!
  • HCG is a natural hormone/protein type of substance!
  • HCG is actually GOOD for you!
  • HCG can reset your hypothalamus!
  • We provide a FREE HCG Diet Program Book PDF
  • We provide a FREE HCG Diet Recipe Book PDF
  • Most orders are shipped USPS next business day!

Featured Products

HCG Drops - 2 Week Trial

* (1) 1oz Bottle of HCG Drops
* ($59 Value) Save $40
* 2 Weeks Supply -15lb Potential
* $19.95 + $6.95 S&H

HCG Drops - 30 Day Plan

* (2) 1oz Bottles of HCG Drops
* ($118 Value) Save $80
* 30 Day Supply - 30lb Potential
* $36.95 + $6.95 S&H

HCG Drops - Best Diet Plan

* (3) 1oz Bottles of HCG Drops
* ($177 Value) Save $120
* 6 Week Supply - 45lb Potential
* $54.95 + $6.95 S&H

30 Day Rapid Results Pack

* 30 Day Rapid Results Pack 
* ($306 Value) Save $205
* 30 Day Program - 40lb Potential
* $99.95 + $12.85 S&H

45 Day Rapid Results Pack

* 45 Day Rapid Results Pack 
* ($440 Value) Save $280
* 45 Day Program - 50lb Potential
* $159.95 + $15.80 S&H

Mega Rapid Results Pack

* 45 Day Mega Rapid Results Pack
* ($585 Value) Save $355
* 45 Day Program - 60lb Potential
* $229.95 + $21.70 S&H

Basic HCG Diet Program

* 90 Day Phase 1 & 2 HCG Diet  
* ($486 Value) Save $300
* 90 Day Program - 55lb Potential
* $185.95 + $15.80 S&H

Complete HCG Diet Program

* 90 Day Phase 1 & 2 HCG Diet  
* ($695 Value) Save $440
* 90 Day Program - 65lb Potential
* $254.95 + $19.96 S&H

Lose 30lbs in 30 Days Plan

* (2) 1oz.Bottles of HCG Drops
* Unlimited HCG Diet Portal Access
* Only $89.95 + $6.95 S&H
* Apply Coupon Code at Checkout