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Where to Buy HCG Drops? Its in the News.


'HCG diet' stirs debate over weight-loss claims

Chicago Tribune

April 20, 2009


Ask an obese man to take a pregnancy test and there's a chance he'll test positive.

That's because men and women throughout the country are latching on to a weight-loss craze—the HCG Diet—and injecting themselves with pregnancy hormones in order to shed pounds.

Logically speaking, the diet makes sense, said Robert Kushner, professor of medicine at Northwestern University, who studied the weight-loss method. But he doesn't support it. "It's a waste of money, time and effort," he said.

HCG, which stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, is the hormone that pregnant women produce. During a pregnancy, the fetus needs an abundance of calories to grow, and HCG is believed to mobilize fat. In other words, the hormone converts the mother's abdominal fat into calories for the baby to use, essentially stimulating her metabolism, explained Brock Dunn, a counselor at Native Healing Ways, which sells HCG nationally by mail.

"We have thousands of people getting it from us," Dunn said. "You get to the point where it's a last chance for people, and it's easy."

Those who inject the hormone when they're not pregnant lose about a pound a day, Dunn said. The weight-loss method takes about 40 days to complete.

Shalom Shick, a 51-year-old from Tennessee, said she tried more than 100 diets before discovering HCG in September. "I was already obese, and I was headed for morbid obesity," Shick said. "I was really scared, and I was praying that some solution would come my way."

That solution came in the form of a late-night infomercial about the hormones. She got a prescription from a doctor over the phone whom she hadn't met in person and eventually started ordering HCG from overseas because of the low price. Shick said she has lost 45 pounds in five months. She takes HCG twice a day, which she said blunts her hunger, making it possible for her to stick to a 500-calorie-a-day diet.

The online health message boards are buzzing with the news of the hormone, even though the Food and Drug Administration doesn't approve of HCG for weight loss and the few doctors administering HCG in Illinois quickly closed their doors and disappeared once their names became popular through word of mouth.

Furthermore, Kevin Trudeau, author of "The Weight Loss Cure" and a key HCG diet advocate, was charged in September by the Federal Trade Commission with deceptive practices and earlier accused by the New York State Consumer Protection Board of selling names and contact information to telemarketers.

Now, the only place to get the hormone locally is online, but that may not stop Julie Bronski of Chicago, who said she's determined to lose at least 100 pounds.

After reading the reviews of Trudeau's book on amazon.com, Bronski said she will ask her doctor about the weight-loss hormone in the hope of losing as much weight as the publicized claims.

"One guy said he lost all this weight after two weeks," Bronski said. "I'm the one who always tries everything, so I'm hoping this diet will work."

The HCG diet was actually created decades ago in Europe, and although it moved through the United States about 30 years ago, it has been resurrected in recent months because people are looking for a quick solution more than ever before, said Kushner, who reviewed the studies when they arrived here in the 1970s.

Although using HCG for weight loss hasn't been shown to do any damage, Kushner said, it doesn't have any effect on losing the pounds. What did have an effect, he said, was the 500-calorie diet that many of the HCG patients adhered to, in addition to the injections.

"There are so many people who are struggling to manage their body weight, and they're frustrated, anxious, desperate to get their weight under control," Kushner said.

John Bersin, co-owner of HCG Medical, a medical weight loss clinic, said that although the hormone shouldn't be considered a "magic pill," he has thousands of people waiting to try it.

"It's a national phenomenon right now," he said, adding that the hormone can cause people to feel less hungry and more regulated."

Copyright © 2008, Chicago Tribune



Latest Weight Loss Fad Called HCG

It seems there's always a diet trend going on. Some require a special drink, others a special pill. But now there's one with an injection.

The HCG Diet is the latest fad in losing weight, and requires the dieter to inject themselves daily. The question on many peoples minds: does it work, and is it safe?

HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone created during pregnancy and is actually what is detected in pregnancy tests to determine the presence or absence of an implanted embryo.

And it is also used for weight loss.

Dr. Warren Willey: "You would have to go intramuscular, and that's because blood supplies better and is picked up. So the longer needles are probably the way if I were to prescribe it."

The reason for the popularity? 2 pounds a day.  Safety? Questionable.

Dr. Warren Willey: "Again we can't... we don't understand its benefits.  It does appear to cause fat loss.  But at the same time all the diets that recommend Human Chorionic Gonadotropin are very low calories, on average 500 calories a day, which is extremely below most peoples resting metabolic expenditure." 

Dr. Warren Willey is a board certified osteopathic physician, an expert in nutritional and exercise medicine, and has written many books on the subject of dieting. His opinion?

Dr. Willey: "Would you give it to your mother?  And if I don't give something my mother then I'm not going to give it to my patients."

Dr. Willey mentioned HCG has been known for weight loss since the 1970's.

Dr. Willey "Two reasons to why now it's more prevelant.  Number one, the internet. You can get it anywhere.  It's as easy as getting it, just signing on, finding a pharmacy out of the country and buying it. Number two, everyone's looking for the magic pill.

Teresea Bannister is a 38-year-old mother of 4, a patient of Doctor Willey's, and found the HCG diet on her own and decided to give it a try in order to lose those last stubborn pounds.

Teresa Bannister:  In about 24 days I lost 18 pounds.  Wow. Yeah.

Teresa Bannister: "I just had a friend that talked about it so I just looked it up online and stuff and learned about it and acquired it and started doing it.

"Let's say Human Chorionic Gonadotropin did work over the short run and did help someone lose weight on 500 calories a day.  My only question to that patient would be, now what.  Do you go back to regular eating.  Do you know how to eat regular."

Dr. Willey: Whether people are ordering it overseas and they think it is going to help, but what about the after effect? It's so low calorie that how does someone start eating normal again?

Teresa Bannister: "HCG is icing on the cake. That's all. That's what I feel like it is.

With all diets, Doctor Willey says it really comes down  to a few basics: work with your doctor, include him or her in what you are doing, and slow weight loss has proven to be the healthiest approach throughout the years.


Weight loss injections - Dan and Darla

This story is another chapter in the never ending search for the secret to permanent weight loss.

Dan and Darla, the couple in my story, were gracious enough to share their experience with us. Darla was actually the first to try the this Medical Weight Loss Program and she got her husband on board. 

Between them they had tried everything from Adkins to weight loss retreats and more. They say that this program is what finally worked for them. 

This weight loss plan is controversial because of one added ingredient: HCG injections.

HCG is a hormone produced by women when they're pregnant. This program uses the injections to mobilize fat in people who need to lose weight.

Dan and Darla believe they are all the proof you need. That sentiment is echoed by the doctor behind the Life Choice program who tells me his patients are happier, healthier and dozens of pounds thinner.

We balance our story though with a doctor who says you need to be careful. We want you to be the judge.

Here is one thing both doctors agreed on - you should only turn to these types of programs after you have tried losing weight naturally through simple diet and exercise. It’s not a short cut.


Hormones can help you lose weight

Lose weight without getting hungry. It sounds like a tabloid headline — a promise not possibly delivered.

But it's true. Dr. Lewis Clarke of Webster has about 100 patients on a diet he stumbled across while reading medical research one sleepless night. His early patients were menopausal women; men now go on the diet as well.

The plan involves a 23- or 40-day regimen of daily injections of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and a very low-calorie diet — 500 calories from a limited list of foods.

"Because it's a naturally occurring hormone, both in men and women, these low doses we're giving have never had any side effects as far as we know because they're so tiny," Clarke said.

Clarke says his male patients lose a pound or more a day; women lose a half-pound to pound a day. Over the course of a regimen, men can lose 30-50 pounds; women often lose 25-35 pounds.

Its appeal for women is that pounds are often shed from the places that are hardest to lose: hips, thighs, rear. Many menopausal women who've put on abdominal weight find that is one of the first places to slim down.

Like any weight-loss plan, the pounds will come back on if you return to the eating habits that got you overweight in the first place. But if you can stick to a post-diet eating plan of primarily lean meat, fruit and vegetables, you can keep the weight off, Clarke said.

"If you're committed to it because of health problems like diabetes, weight loss is often the only curative thing for those problems," said Clarke, noting that some patients are able to stop taking prescriptions for chronic diseases after weight loss.

By DIANE COWEN Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle


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